Frequently Asked Questions

Tag Care

Can I clip off loose threads from my Tag Every Bag tag?

Yes. We glue the back of the stitched area with waterproof glue. Any threads that appear can be clipped off. If problems persist, let us know at

Is my Tag Every Bag tag washable?

Yes. The only products that are not 100% washable are the Multicam® tags. You can gently wash all of our tags, either
in the machine on gentle or by hand. Machine drying is not recommended, although it has been done.

Recommendation for drying is to pull the tag as flat as possible and lay flat to dry. Multicam® is nylon webbing and is washable,
but cannot remain wet. With Multicam® nylon webbing, extra care must be given to dry the tag quickly to avoid
breakdown of the fibers. Due to the nature of the materials, please do not subject tags to high temperatures or
open flames.

What happens if my Tag Every Bag tag doesn't look like I ordered it?
Sometimes mistakes happen, and we feel terrible about them. Please call or email us at 813.480.3400 or right away! We will start your new tag immediately and will contact you to arrange an exchange of tags.

What if I am not satisfied with my order?
Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Each tag we make is unique and made to order and we take great
pride in our work. If for some reason, you are not completely satisfied with your tag, please contact us by email or phone
so can discuss the issues.

What happens if my snap comes off?
Although this is an uncommon occurence, with some wear and tear the snap may come off. If this happens, please
contact us and we will make arrangements to remedy the problem.



Can I request specific colors for the icons I choose for my Tag Every Bag tag?

Yes, in the comment area. Some icons have multiple colors and others may only have one color.
You can request a color scheme such as "all pinks" or "green and blue" or you can request very specific colors.

Examples for Icon Color request:

1. Color scheme
You request all pink. We would choose the background pink then we would choose one or two complimentary
pinks for the border and center.

2. Specific
You would choose all icon colors, such as light pink background, medium pink border, apple green center.

You can type these requests in the comment area at the end of the order.

Custom Icons

How do I request something different, but not necessarily custom, from the icons on the website?

Please contact us at with you request. We have icons in our design inventory not on the
website, these would not be considered a custom icon. You would be charged a normal icon charge.

Can I have my organization, school or team logo stitched on a Tag Every Bag tag?

Only with written permission from the organization. A custom design charge may apply. If permission is not
attainable, we cannot use the logo.

Can you design a logo or icon to be used for a large group or organization interested
in purchasing Tag Every Bag tags for the whole group?
Yes, with permission from the group or organization, we offer bulk order discounts. There will be a minimumal fee
for designing your custom logo. Please contact us for group pricing at

What is considered a custom design?

A custom design would be a design we would stitch only on your Tag Every Bag tags and that would not be
available to all customers.

What is the charge for a custom design?

It varies depending on the complexity of the design. There is $25 minimum charge for designed logos.
We will not duplicate images or logos which are copyright protected.
We may not be able to fulfill all requests for custom design.